Comics - SAZR Interview - Part 1 - September 25th, 2007, 4:43 pm

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Elda142, September 25th, 2007, 4:45 pm

Sonic Author Zone, The Rebels
So here it is. Part one of the 2 or 3 part interview with the SAZR characters.

No Elda isn't that mean, it just came out funnier that way.

(Jazz got pregnant at said party)

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User Comments:

Elda142, September 25th, 2007, 4:54 pm

Mehbeh. And by 'mehbeh' I mean yes.

Hunterkirizaki, September 25th, 2007, 5:11 pm

May me?

Elda142, September 25th, 2007, 5:16 pm

Sure, Hunter. The more characters to kill off the better.


Oh krap, that was out loud, wasn't it?

Hunterkirizaki, September 25th, 2007, 5:40 pm


Hunter: I'm guessing he loves us too much.

copafire, September 25th, 2007, 6:01 pm

never, you shall never kill me!

Shard, September 25th, 2007, 7:12 pm

I was wondering about that. It's impossible to get pregnant from kissing.

copafire, September 25th, 2007, 8:27 pm

To Shard
its what you did not see at the party, we did more than kissing so to say!

stormdrake, September 25th, 2007, 11:15 pm

Yea...and I know it...I spied on them!....didn't said that

Ganato, September 26th, 2007, 7:15 am

Whos next for the big interwiev? Only elda knows. After the party for number 100 they were just kissing but at 200 it grew more. Who knows what happens at 300?

Elda142, September 26th, 2007, 5:42 pm


Thanks for putting that image in my head Ganato. Good thing I already called comic 300!


belthazar666, September 26th, 2007, 6:18 pm

But what about 400?They will have to make up for the lack of 300!

Ganato, October 22nd, 2007, 2:29 pm

Youre welcome Elda ^^

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